We are totally overwhelmed by your support – here are some pictures and updates!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Oh my goodness! Collette and I are totally overwhelmed by all of your support so far and we are uber excited to get stuck in to making videos for you and taking this project to the next level!!


Image by Dan Corbett // instagram: @twotimeszoomWe also wanted you to be involved in the excitement from our successes from the launch gig on the 31st July 2015 so here are few articles and pictures if you’re interested!! This wouldn’t have happened without your amazing support and belief in me and new band member Collette!

Review from Gigging NI – Paul Woods

Pics from The Thin Air – Liam Kielt

Hope you enjoy!!!

Also – first single – Can You Feel It? Will be released on Monday 24th August!! 🙂

Lots of love,

Shauna Tx

p.s. here is a little feature in the Irish News too – thanks to Brian Campbell


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