REWS: Reflecting on Musical Inspiration (Pledge Music Blog)

Good morning!!!!!

I had the pleasure of writing up this blog for Pledge Music – I think it may have ignited a new fire in me to write a blog??  Let me know what you think.  You can read the article HERE!!!  Have also pasted it in below for you!

Shauna x

REWS: Reflecting on Musical Inspiration 


Shauna Tohill is changing things up these days. Formerly known as Silhouette, REWS is now her new band with Collette Williams, a charismatic duo of high-energy alt-pop/rock which you can now hear via four new singles, now available for pre-order (make sure to grab the signed vinyl)! We asked Shauna if she would tell us a bit more about her musical inspiration, and she graciously obliged with today’s guest post.

Music makes me happy. What about you?

I was asked by Pledge to give a little lowdown on my music or a related topic, so it got me thinking: what is so important about music that makes me want to do it and share it with you all? Then a quote that my grandfather said to me popped into my head: ‘If you are lying on your last days looking back on your life wishing you had tried something, why not just do that thing today? Do all you can while you can!’

Life is too short to have any regrets. I feel I live by that mantra, and music has always been at the centre of my being!

If we look way back to the caveman era — before verbal language even existed! — it was then that music, song, rhythm was the first language used to communicate something! Music and sound is something that doesn’t just speak to us on a superficial level; it is in our blood, it’s a deeper language, it’s like a chemical reaction! Some songs, words and sounds seem to seek out something in your being, whether it be that pain in your soul from a lost someone, the need for love, the need for joy or celebrating, the need to grieve. You name it, music can help you experience that journey better and get to a deeper place of understanding! It’s almost like it resonates with an unseen fibre in your body and helps you to heal and learn something new! It allows you a moment with yourself! A new connection!

Music is so much more than just words and sounds, so I believe anyway!

It doesn’t mean to say that I connect with every single genre or song, but I know that someone, somewhere connects on some level, even if I don’t! This is the perspective that I write from when I make music! I just want it to flow through me from that other world/level and I want people to experience something, to be healed from something, to inspire someone to just do what they dream of. That’s why I write mainly high-energy pop/rock music!

Music did this for me when I went through a family break-up in my early teens and various other hurts along the path of life. I needed something more than words to comfort me. I needed something to transcend and fill that spiritual, emotional, physical void deep within my heart and release me from something, and through music, I was (and am) able to really experience a healthy and normal emotional response and find peace!

I want to do that for other people in this world, and that’s why to this day I keep doing music in whatever way I can — currently as a high-energy pop/rock songwriter and performer REWS (formerly Silhouette) and as a teacher of songwriting workshops and vocal coaching.

I guess I want to help people to be brave enough to follow their dreams. I’m not saying that it is easy. It’s very hard work and there are so many things that act as obstacles along the way making you believe that you should just give up, that you could have chosen a more secure life but it’s the fire within your belly that keeps you going, even if the fire is reduced to a mere flickering flame! I know this because I keep coming back to a blank page and I keep being reminded of what my destiny is on this planet and here I stand — oozing music and wanting to help the world!

Again my mantra speaks. ‘If I was on my final day looking back, what would I regret not having done today?’ I want to invite you to do that now! What are you waiting for? What fear is holding you? Failure is only a lesson to learn from, it’s never going to be the end of you. That is one of the hardest lessons! If I can be certain of one thing — that is we can only know this present moment — you don’t know what tomorrow holds. Look into your soul: what makes you happy today? If you’re not happy, find what will make you happy and do that thing! Life is too short!

Everyone deserves a chance in life to be everything they ought to be, and I want to help people believe in themselves even when they hit obstacles along the way! Hopefully I can do that with my music and I’ll keep on burning this candle until its not the thing to do anymore!!

Lots of love,

Shauna x


2 thoughts on “REWS: Reflecting on Musical Inspiration (Pledge Music Blog)

  1. Hey really enjoyed reading your blog for pledge. Thanks for sharing, it was very powerful and refreshing to hear. You have a great philosophy. It has certainly inspired me to keep going with my own creative projects! Im sure you’d make a great blog as you seem to have a depth of understanding and genuineness which comes across in your writing. What kinda stuff you thinking of blogging about?

    In particular I found the subject of musical origins interesting as this combined with the origins and effect of language have always fascinated me. Like how did music begin?

    Theories abound how language was actually a rationalised form of song. Or that in the course of the development of language, music was always that path to the ‘divine’ or ‘sacred’ in the world. Something we’ll probably never know. This along with ancient stories like the bhuddist idea that the sound ‘om’ created the universe as well as aboriginal creationary stories which tell how the world was ‘sung’ into being just add to the mystery surrounding music and make you wonder really what is going on.

    Your take on the effect of music was great too- ‘how it resonates with an unseen fibre and draws out of us a particular feeling in order to process it’ (sorry paraphrasing u here :D) Id never thought of it like that but it makes so much sense. Music seems to bypass the rational mind and connect with something in our subconscious/being. And also explains why certain songs effect some but not others – theres just nothing there for it to connect with – at least at that moment in their life.

    It got me thinking too that listening to music is therefore not just a passive act as the listener offers their meaning and emotion to the experience so it becomes a completely unique thing. Of course taken a step further, in the act of singing this must be like tapping into that emotional seam of experience within ourself. In particular where the artist like yourself is able to effectively channel or convey that feeling.

    My two cents anyway! Just reminded me of a good book ‘Music the brain and ecstasy’ which i must dig out and reread as it touches on similar themes.

    Anyways good job keep up the good work literarily + musically!

    David Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 09:33:43 +0000 To:


    • David – thank you so much for taking the time to read this and to respond! I really really appreciate it and it really encourages me to actually do something more with a blog in mind!!! It was really fun to write and it really allows you to ooze whatever passion you have in your bones too as well as make feelings and thoughts more a reality!!! 🙂

      Such an interesting theory that we were sung into existance… that is an amazing thing to ponder about!! As there is possibly some truth in that! And maybe music is what we need to allow ourselves to tap into – in order to really learn something about ourselves as humans, animals and features on this planet!! 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts! Its really inspiring to hear what you have to say!

      Also – I might have to get that book!! Keep in touch!!!!

      Shauna x


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