Updates on our 4 single series

Hello Beautiful Peeps!

We have had a mammoth few weeks back in Northern Ireland last week and various other events throughout the month where we filmed all 4 videos for the singles, played some gigs, filmed and recorded a live radio sessions and got caught up in dreaming plans for the coming months for the completion of our 4 single series this year!!


We want to extend a massive thank you to all who helped us make the videos, gigs and sessions possible as listed here:
John Maloney, Music Room London, Dog Kennel Productions, Maverick Renegade Productions, Glasgowbury, Crescent Arts Centre, Hillsborough Forest Park, Goldie Fawn, Belfast Culture Night, Mirador, BBC Radio Ulster and ALL those who pledged for us on PledgeMusic earlier this year! πŸ™‚

Here are two acoustic treats to view from our BBC Radio Ulster, New Voices Acoustic Sessions. Β Let us know what you think!?

Can You Feel It?

Let Your Life Unfold

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Shauna & Collette xo



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