A little walk down REWS town

We have realised that we haven’t really put anything up on here in a while… But that is mainly due to the fact that over the last 6 months, we have been absoloutely festival crazy and all of our news is constantly streamed on our social media sites – FACEBOOK, TWITTER & INSTAGRAM! (…go on check them out!)

But just so you don’t feel left out when you visit this site – were gonna try to make this more of a priority so our blog/news space is just as up-to-date as our social sites!

I bet you’re now wondering – what are REWS up to then??


WELL!!! After a very successful summer period gigging our faces off – we are just about to release our 4th single! Its called Miss You In The Dark.

We will be shooting the video next week with our friend John Maloney (who also shot Can You Feel It?) and starting to push it out to all our radio friends!! Β We’ve also collaborated with an amazing illustrator (Samuel B. Thorne) who is going to do a limited edition piece of art for our artwork – just keep your peepers peeled! We will be debuting the song at our Islington show on the 21st September 2016! Β Come along!!!

As well as all this excitement, Help Musicians UK have added us to their showcasing bill at this years Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg – an ultimate dream come true!!

Sending all of our love!!

Shauna & Collette xx


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