Glastonbury Set Times and new single release

We are really excited about playing Glastonbury this weekend!!  Come join us at one of our three shows:

Friday 23rd June 2017 | Glastonbury Festival
John Peel Stage, Main Stage | On Stage at 12pm
Secret Location TBC | On Stage at 4pm *
Rabbit Hole, Park | On Stage at 11pm

* Keep up to date with our socials*

We also will be launching our re-vamped, rawer, edgier version of Miss You In The Dark with a re-visited video for you… and it will be released this date too!!!! 🙂


Loads of love,


Shauna & Collette xx

Happy New Year!

Hello you!!

Hope you had a fantastic break and are getting ready (and have started) to embark on the 2017 dream train!  We are very excited to be releasing some cracking new tunes, creating more music and playing more for you across the world!!!

We have recently announced our first ever UK and Irish tour this Spring (we are dead excited) and have all the ticket links available on our LIVE section of the site.  Make sure to get your tickets and come join us somewhere on the adventure!!



Loadsa love,


Shauna & Collette xx


Hey Ya’ll!

Here is our latest single – Miss You in the Dark!  We are soooo pleased with the amazing work that has been carried out by our team, your support and the  incredible media support – particularly from Huw Stephens at Radio 1 !

Please feel free to share with all your friends, family and things! 🙂

Special thank you to Sebastien Renaud, Richard Elder, Peter Maher, Arts Council Northern Ireland, Nick Kent, Mirko our manager John Glennon, booking agent Matt Bartlett and our PR Team, Rhys and Tom (Martian PR) and our special friends – you know who you are!


S & C xxx

A little walk down REWS town

We have realised that we haven’t really put anything up on here in a while… But that is mainly due to the fact that over the last 6 months, we have been absoloutely festival crazy and all of our news is constantly streamed on our social media sites – FACEBOOK, TWITTER & INSTAGRAM! (…go on check them out!)

But just so you don’t feel left out when you visit this site – were gonna try to make this more of a priority so our blog/news space is just as up-to-date as our social sites!

I bet you’re now wondering – what are REWS up to then??


WELL!!! After a very successful summer period gigging our faces off – we are just about to release our 4th single! Its called Miss You In The Dark.

We will be shooting the video next week with our friend John Maloney (who also shot Can You Feel It?) and starting to push it out to all our radio friends!!  We’ve also collaborated with an amazing illustrator (Samuel B. Thorne) who is going to do a limited edition piece of art for our artwork – just keep your peepers peeled! We will be debuting the song at our Islington show on the 21st September 2016!  Come along!!!

As well as all this excitement, Help Musicians UK have added us to their showcasing bill at this years Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg – an ultimate dream come true!!

Sending all of our love!!

Shauna & Collette xx

New Single – Shake Shake (Official Video)

Today – we have hit youtube with the video for our third single ‘Shake Shake’ thanks to the amazing support from our pledgers and supporters!  Let us know what you think!

Special thank you to Darren Lee (Maverick Renegade) and Glasgowbury Music Group as well as our manager John Glennon, Agent Matt Bartlett & both Tom & Rhys (Martian PR)!  Legends!

Lots of love,

Shauna & Collette xx

New Single :: Shake Shake

Hey Folks!!

Hope you are having a fantastic month of March!!

We have now started our campaign for our third single ‘Shake Shake’.  We will have the video ready to share with you in the next couple of weeks and the single available to purchase and stream on all online stores and sites from the 15th April 2016.


Keep your eyes peeled on our social media sites for more updates, live shows etc…!

Thank you to Rosie Powell for the above photo and to This Is Pulp Clothing for the Jilted Generation Clothing we are wearing.

Shauna & Collette xx

Happy REWS Year! Here’s a new song!

Hello Everyone!!

We have begun our promotion for the second single – Death Yawn. It will be available to get a hold of throughout all online stores and streaming sites from the 4th March 2016 for all members of the public!

But in the meantime – here is the video (that was funded through our pledge music campaign) to view here:

Thank you for allowing this to come to fruition! Two more singles to follow this year!


Big shout out to Dog Kennel Productions, Ciarán McGreevy, Zach Trouton, Michael Mormecha, Tommy Keery, Simone Maria Richardt, Keith Acheson, Crescent Arts Centre, Rocky O’Reilly, Start Together Studio Belfast, Manor Park Studio, Hillsbourgh Forest Park, Mudd Wallace, Peter Mccauley, Vanessa Arbuthnott, Owl Barn Residency and all our pledgers and who made it possible to record & create this video.

I must say a thank you to the creepy hostel guy in Edinburgh who inspired me to write this song… combined with the amazing writing of Louis Nowra – Into That Forest Story!

Love, Shauna & Collette xo